Note: this page is intended for those wishing to get caught up on the plot of ASR without going through the archives...ya lazy buggers! But I can't overemphasize that if you possibly can, you should just read from the first strip and go onwards. After all, what's more fun: reading "And then Darth Vader reveals he's Luke's father" or seeing it happen? Exactly.

So, basically, only read this page if you've been away for a while and are trying to get caught up, or for some reason you're in a hurry. Or you could read it if you didn't understand the plot and want it clarified, although that kind of means I've failed at telling the story. Or, if you're a first-time reader, you could skim this to get an idea of the plot and see if you want to go further.

This synopsis presents events in chronological order, not the order they were revealed in the strip.

The Story So Far

The Girls of the Milky Way

"The Girls of the Milky Way"

For several months in the spring of 2001, strange lights appeared in the sky over Daedalus Point, near the small town of Tower Hill, Ontario. In late may, four people witnessed a real alien spacecraft, which promptly abducted them ("The Girls of the Milky Way"). The victims were Patricia Marvelle, Flight attendant and would-be fighter pilot; Roz Sweetling, nurse, Trish's best friend; local catholic school student Melissa "Missy" St. Clair; and Air Force representative Gary "Crash" Landerson.

The abductees had been taken by Bledrech and The Gorp, two members of a highly illegal intergalactic slave ring, who intended to sell the four of them as concubines for some wealthy alien pervert. Through surprising resourcefulness and determination, however, the girls and Crash were able to escape and subdue their captors, taking control of the ship.

They quickly found themselves "rescued" by an intergalactic law enforcement agency called GHIDA. Impressed by their resourcefulness and skill, the two GHIDA representatives, Agent Lohengrin and Agent White, offered them a position as special operatives with GHIDA. The mysterious Theglo Fraxx, who had observed their escape, became their direct supervisor, and they were trained in an assortment of deadly and useful skills under Staff Sargeant Jakka. Two weeks later, they emerged as...the Amazon Space Rangers.

Unearthly Delights

"Unearthly Delights"

Note: this takes us up to the present storyline, the origin story. What happened next will eventually be revealed, of course. For now, we're going to leave a short gap so as not to reveal what happens next.

After a year or so of helping to effectively helping to clean up the galaxy, the Amazons were given the assignment of travelling to Gan-69, a living planetoid and popular holiday location, to catch someone who was smuggling a local fruit ("Unearthly Delights"). This seemingly dull operation turned out to be quite deadly when they learned that there was a bomb planted on the station, intended to take out most of the galaxy's law enforcement agents, who were also investigating the crime. This plot was foiled, but the Amazons discovered a note from a shadowy figure known as "The Worm" who indicated that he had initiated the whole plot and would be making them the focus of his attentions from then on.

Flouting Convention

"Flouting Convention"

The operation on Gan also led to Trish meeting an enigmatic creature named Lagash, who indicated he was part of an aeons-old race who had helped create Gan, and maybe much more. Promising they would meet again, he teleported Trish back to her ship.

Some time later, while attending a local science fiction con ("Flouting Convention"), Missy's sister was nearly abducted by a Nooglit named Nugglebong, who, it was suspected, was working for The Worm. This led to an extreme clampdown on making Earth's solar system a restricted area for non-humans and unauthorized personnel.

Which takes us to the present...

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